Shocking and cruel allegations have been made against a Memphis caretaker.

Katherine Parrish, 22, is behind bars, accused of beating a man unable to care for himself.

“That’s bad. Not putting nothin’ past folks these days.”

Darryl Lyles was disappointed when he learned his neighbor, Parrish, faces multiple charges of adult abuse and is in jail.

“I guess that’s where she need to be. She around here messin’ with older people that can’t take care of themselves. I guess she in the right spot,” said Lyles.

According to a police affidavit, the abuse was reported in March after a caretaker noticed the man she took care of had bruises. The man has spina bifida is a defect in the spinal cord.

According to the caretaker, Parrish was at the home when she overheard the victim being questioned about his injuries. The caretaker said Parrish entered the room and said, “I whipped his butt and I don’t care who you go and tell.”

The next day, she said she walked in to find the man laying on the floor face down with Parrish standing over him saying “I beat him again today for using the bathroom on himself and making noises.”

The woman said Parrish then pointed at the man’s swollen blackened eyes and said: “I did that too.”

The man also had bruises on his back, chest, and a swollen jaw.

The caretaker said she caught Parrish when she was standing over the victim and stating she beat him again. When the victim was taken to the hospital he told police, “Katherine Parrish beat me real good with a belt and her fist.”

According to the company that provided care for the victim, Parrish is a relative of the victim and lived with him at his North Memphis home on Nicolas Street.

CREA, the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (FSC is a partner agency), provides resources to victims. The nonprofit said cases in which there are unexplained injuries are a good example for what loved ones should look out for.

“They’re not making good eye contact, their stories are inconsistent or you can tell if they seem afraid to answer questions. That’s a huge indicator,” said Jordan Howard with the Family Safety Center.

WREG got the numbers from CREA. In 2012 there were 2,000 referrals to adult protection services. In Shelby County elder abuse is considered a silent epidemic; only one in 23 cases are reported, and 90 percent of the abusers are relatives of the victims.

Parrish’s bail is $25,000.

If you know anyone that needs services from CREA you can contact Another way to get help from FSC’s CREA care coordinators in Memphis 901-222-4400.