The Spark Shines a Light on the Work FSC Does to Fight DV

WKNO’s TV show The Spark featured Olliette Murry-Drobot, Family Safety Center’s executive director, to discuss what FSC is and what it does for the greater Memphis community.

The March episode focused on “safety,” with Olliette and FSC starting off the show. Olliette and show host Jeremy Park discussed the history of creating FSC, what FSC is and what someone can expect when they come to FSC for help getting away from a domestic violence situation.

The show then took a look at the center and what it does through interviews with Charlotte Ray, FSC navigator, and Gwendolyn Turner, receptionist and 20-year survivor of DV.

From the show: “I think that this is the greatest place that the Memphis community has developed, because when I was going through my domestic violence situation, there was not a Family Safety Center,” Turner said. “Now you can come in and at least talk to everybody that you need to talk to and get most of the services that a woman going through that situation really needs in one day.”

You can watch the entire show here.

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