The Commercial Appeal draws attention to DV in Memphis

The Commercial Appeal reporter Jody Callahan interviewed Family Safety Center executive director Olliette Murry-Drobot recently about the rise in domestic violence incidents in Memphis and Shelby County over the past decade, in order to showcase the growing problem that exists in our community.

Those who were interviewed in the June 9 story – including Dottie Jones, president of the local Domestic and Sexual Violence Council; Theresa McCusker, who oversees the Shelby County District Attorney’s domestic violence unit; and Elizabeth Shelley with the YWCA of Greater Memphis – point out that the increase of nearly 50 percent may be somewhat deceptive, as this may not necessarily show a growing number of incidents happening but rather an increase in the number of incidents that are reported, which is a good thing according to Family Safety Center partners; they can only help those victims who report the abuse. However, there’s no ignoring the fact that the numbers are higher than anyone would like, and they have been growing over the last decade.

The article showcases the Family Safety Center’s collaborative efforts to help victims through the services of help available in Memphis and Shelby County.

From the article: “It takes a lot of different people to help a family get through it,” said Olliette Murry-Drobot, who runs the center. “Because of the fragmented system in the past, it has been much more challenging for victims to get the help they need.”

If you have an online subscription to The Commercial Appeal, you can read the story online here.

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