A safe place to sleep

In the past, Linda* had fled to a friend’s house. That didn’t work out so well when her abuser found her and convinced her to come back home. Emergency shelter allows victims to find safety apart from the places they normally frequent which are the first places an abuser will go to find them. FSC offered Linda and her baby the safety and distance they needed.

On leave from her job, Linda was a 38 year-old new mom, with no income and few options. Linda worked with her FSC navigator to obtain an ex parte order, an order of protection issued temporarily and in emergency situations. She was given food, formula, an emergency supply of diapers and other basics and sent to the hotel. While she waited for a court date to receive an order of protection, the hotel was a safe haven.

Eventually, the Navigator put her in touch with a partner agency where Linda qualified for an apartment and some rent assistance. Today Linda is working, living on her own, and her nine-month old son is thriving.

* Not her real name

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