September Survivor Story

After completing the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) screening, Helen* decided to heed the advice of both the officer and the FSC advocate and get out.

“I can’t believe I am actually going through this again,” said Helen, who had a history of abuse in a previous relationship. She arrived at FSC seeking an order of protection and shelter from her abuser. In addition to the fact that she this was not her first abusive relationship, Helen had something else in common with many other FSC clients: she was worried about her child’s safety.

In Helen’s case, the child was a teenage son. She was afraid he would intervene to try and protect his mother, and in turn get hurt. Helen said she was pleasantly surprised with the housing options FSC offered. She desperately wanted a safe place to live so she could keep working and providing for her son. Priscilla Blackmon, FSC Housing Manager, said mother and son were relieved she was able to find them emergency housing.

“When I told her that we were going to assist her with housing the son gave me the biggest hug and said ‘thank you’,” said Blackmon. Helen and her son stayed in the hotel for three nights before settling into an apartment for a few weeks.

Eventually, one of our partner agencies was able to find a permanent housing solution. Helen is now living in her own home and providing for herself and her son.

*not real name


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