Safe in Memphis: Domestic violence more than a family matter

The Family Safety Center was featured in The Commercial Appeal’s Safe in Memphis series by writer David Waters.

The article brought attention to the fact that while many people think domestic violence isn’t something that they should be concerned about it if isn’t happening in their home, the fact is that violence in the home is breeding future generations of violent offenders.

In the article, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich (who is also an FSC board member) is quoted, saying: “You hear about a crime and when you hear it’s domestic violence, you move on, right? You shouldn’t,” Weirich said. “The children of domestic violence grow up to become the next generation of gun-toting violent offenders.”

Organizations like those involved in the Family Safety Center, however, are working to make a difference in this trend.

More from the article: “We’ve come a long way,” Weirich said. “Forty years ago, no one was arrested for domestic violence. There’s more awareness now and less tolerance for it. Violence isn’t just a family matter. It’s a concern for the safety of the entire community.”

If you have an online subscription to The Commercial Appeal, you can read the entire story on the website here.

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