Tennessee law provides that “any person having reasonable cause to suspect that an adult has suffered abuse, neglect or exploitation, shall report or cause reports to be made”, giving such information to TN Adult Protective Services.

Regarding “Duty to Report”, you do not have to prove that elder abuse or neglect has happened, you just need to report it so the professionals can make the determination.  So don’t delay, report suspected elder abuse today.

In the case of a medical emergency, call 911 or the local police.

CREA Assistance – Shelby County, TN
For assistance from the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) call the Family Safety Center at (901) 222-4400.

24-Hour Help Line – Shelby County, TN
For 24-hour confidential help for elders and those concerned about an elder, call the Elder Lifeline via the Memphis Crisis Center at (901) 274-7477.