When does order of protection make sense?

Every client encounter is unique to the individual seeking help but there are definitely recurring themes, according to Charlotte Ray, Family Safety Center (FSC) Client Services Manager. Ray says all the victims arrive with mixed emotions about reaching out for help and they are overwhelmed about the different options that are available. In addition to their […]

Camp HOPE Helps Kids Cope

If you believe the research, there is a high probability that Cady* will become a statistic like her mother. Camp HOPE wants to change that. One-third of children who experience domestic violence are likely to be victims themselves, and another third will grow up to be abusers. During her week at Camp HOPE, Cady had […]

DV Myths and Misconceptions

MYTH: Domestic violence is a private family matter. FACT: Domestic Violence is everyone’s business. Keeping domestic violence secret helps no one, has been shown to harm children, incurs substantial costs to society, and serves to perpetrate abuse through learned patterns of behavior. MYTH: Most of the time, domestic violence is not really that serious. FACT: Domestic violence is an […]

Safe Housing – A Key First Step

Finding shelter for victims with children, particularly for large families, is a challenge for Family Safety Center (FSC) and its partners, but local advocates understand that the alternative is homelessness and continued abuse. Many of the clients who come to FSC seeking emergency shelter are motivated by a desire to remove the children from the […]