There are 33 partner agencies that work with the Family Safety Center to serve victims of domestic violence in Memphis and Shelby County, either through an on-site presence (full time or part time) or at their off-site locations.

Local Police

Bartlett Police Department

Provides safe transportation for victims to and from the Family Safety Center by Bartlett on-call police officers

Collierville Police Department

Provides safe transportation for victims to and from the Family Safety Center by Collierville on-call police officers

Germantown Police Department

Provides safe transportation for victims to and from the Family Safety Center by Germantown on-call police officers

Memphis Police Department – Domestic Violence Investigative Unit

Investigates cases involving domestic violence, violations of protective orders, stalking and other related violations within the city of Memphis

Millington Police Department

Provides safe transportation for victims to and from the Family Safety Center by Millington on-call police officers

Medical & Health Services

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Provides comprehensive pediatric medical care and community-based support services to child victims, children at risk of abuse and neglect, and their families

CHOICES: Center for Reproductive Health

Offers counseling, gynecology and forensics services to victims of sexual assault


Focuses on empowering, organizing and mobilizing women and girls around their reproductive and sexual health; this first-of-its-kind organization in Tennessee helps women and girls make informed decisions about themselves and to become advocates for themselves

Children’s Advocacy

Memphis Child Advocacy Center

Offers support services to children who have experienced severe physical and sexual abuse, including the children of domestic violence situations

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

Empowers families and supports community safety and partnerships to ensure safety, permanency, and well-being for children

Legal Help

Adoption Counseling Services, Inc.

Provides a full spectrum adoption counseling and child placement service for expectant parents

Community Legal Center

Provides civil legal assistance for working poor and economically disadvantaged victims who reside in Memphis and Shelby County and offers assistance to immigrants who reside in the four-state region served by the Immigration Court in Memphis

Memphis Area Legal Services

Offers free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and the elderly in Southwestern Tennessee, in addition to a multitude of services for those facing domestic violence situations, such as case management, court accompaniment and social services

Memphis Shelby Crime Commission

Creates partnerships with businesses, schools, neighborhood associations, hospitals, public safety agencies and local violence prevention organizations working to make Memphis and Shelby County a safer place

Shelby County Crime Victims Center/Rape Crisis Center/Orders of Protection

Offers services to and on behalf of domestic violence victims inside the legal system by providing court advocates during proceedings relative to victims’ protective orders and court dates, as well as offering crisis counseling and safety planning; providing forensic sexual assault exams, legal advocacy, and counseling services to victims of sexual assault; and assists victims with Orders of Protection

Shelby County District Attorney General – Domestic Violence Unit

Prosecutes domestic violence crimes and aids victims in understanding the criminal process

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes Unit

Investigates cases involving domestic violence and provides assistance with processing protective orders, warrants for arrest and violations of protective orders in the unincorporated areas of Shelby County and the cities of Lakeland and Arlington


Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program, Inc. (CAAP)

Provides premium behavioral health services for people who lack financial resources for therapeutic care and serves individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, as well as providing court advocacy and other services to victims of domestic violence

Exchange Club Family Center

Offers a variety of programs to help families break the cycle of abuse through counseling, anger management training, family mediation and crisis intervention

The Athena Project

Serves women who have experienced intimate partner violence and abuse and are troubled by stress, anxiety and depression

Victims to Victory

Offers counseling and support services by a faith-based organization to family members when violence ends in homicide

Community Outreach

Friends for Life Corporation

Provides supportive services to people affected by and living with HIV/AIDS, including assistance with education, housing, food and healthy life skills

Heal The Hood Foundation

Provides mentorship to at-risk youth and education on dating violence and social media responsibility

Miracle’s House of Restoration

Provides housing assistance, house calls to victims, financial assistance, public education, awareness and some child care assistance to women who seek aid through Family Safety Center

The Red Door Foundation, Inc.

Promotes social awareness, unity, self-empowerment, mentorship and positive visibility in the community of color through education, health promotion, advocacy and coalition-building while decreasing the instances of HIV throughout Memphis/Shelby County and the South; provides support for gay men seeking services through Family Safety Center

The Unleashed Voice 

Social advocates for the advancement of the LGBTQ community through education, enrichment, and empowerment

The 2Unique Closet Boutique 

Provides clothing, accessory, and toiletry assistance

Young Women’s Christian Association of Greater Memphis (YWCA)

Assists in the provision of court advocate services, as well as short-term housing services, to victims fleeing domestic violence situations


Chosen Vessel Ministries

Empowers women in recovery to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles, helps eliminate barriers to sobriety, fosters opportunities for personal growth and development, and assists mothers developing their maternal skills

Emotional Fitness Centers of Tennessee

Offers faith-based, culturally sensitive mental health and spiritual counseling for victims who request this guidance

Jewish Family Service

Provides confidential counseling and ancillary services designed to help individuals and families cope with problems and changes, as well as works with pregnant women to formulate adoption plans

Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA)

Offers assessments and referrals to emergency shelters, transitional housing, rental assistance and rapid rehousing assistance to victims of domestic violence

Rock Church Memphis

Offers spiritual counseling for victims of domestic violence and their families

“Well on the 24th the judge issued a permanent restraining order against him for 1 year. The PO is for me and my kids! Thank you so much. You may not know it but what you’ve done for me has helped to save my life. I’m eternally grateful for meeting you.”

Anonymous FSC ClientMemphis, TN

“I am so appreciative of the Family Safety Center and the Exchange Club because of group therapy. When we get together and share and talk about the violence each of us have endured at the hands of a loved one, it builds a safety net to help individuals get to a better place.”

Anonymous FSC ClientMemphis, TN

“Therapy and recovery takes a lot of time, but I am worth it! I’m so grateful for the Family Safety Center and the Exchange Club for educating me and providing me a safe space to begin my healing process. I have found my way again.”

Anonymous FSC ClientMemphis, TN