Man accused of threatening, soliciting his girlfriend for 9 months

Marvin Housley is now behind bars, accused of threatening, holding his girlfriend against her will and then forcing her into sex trafficking.

Housley is locked up at 201 Poplar after police said he held his girlfriend captive for 9-months, forcing her into prostitution.

According to investigators, Housley was arrested at the Crossland Hotel off Shelby Oaks in Northeast Memphis.

“That’s just totally wrong. You see what I’m saying. You don’t do stuff like that we are human. We not no animal, and even if it was an animal you still don’t do it,” said Philese Martin Walker.

Martin Walker is staying at the Crossland Hotel.

“That’s really terrifying,” said Martin Walker.

Police said they made a haunting, horrible discovery and found a 22-year-old woman at the hotel.

The battered victim told investigators the man she trusted, 29-year-old Housley, has been forcing her to prostitute herself since October and was pocketing all the money.

She also said Housley threatened to kill her if she did not prostitute for him and over the last few months has been beating her.

The young woman said she wanted to leave Housley but was terrified of him and had no where to go.

“The sad thing is that’s a very common story,” said Jordan Howard.

Hearing this story, Jordan Howard with the Family Safety Center is sending out a warning.

These destructive relationships can begin online.

“They meet up with somebody and they think that person is their significant other or their boyfriend, and that person the whole time was grooming them to make them a victim of sex trafficking,” explained Howard.

Martin Walker is thankful the young woman has a second chance.

“That’s a blessing she got away from it.”

The general manager of the hotel said she was unaware of any illegal activity at the hotel.

Housley is being held on a $75,000 bond.