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Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behavior that consists of physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse or assaults committed by one intimate partner against another. Domestic violence often occurs because a partner wants to control the thoughts, beliefs and conduct of his or her significant other.

While domestic violence is directed at a particular victim, everyone suffers – children, families, friends and co-workers. Domestic violence affects our entire community.

Visit our interactive microsite for additional insight on domestic violence and how to find hope.

Are you a victim?

Do you have an intimate partner who may be abusing you? Do you live in fear for yourself and your child(ren)? You may be a victim of domestic violence. If you answer “yes” to five or more of the questions below, you are at high risk for being in danger of serious injury or death.

  • Hurt you physically?
  • Belittle you or humiliate you (when you are alone/in front of others)?
  • Threaten to seriously harm you?
  • Physically hurt or threaten to hurt one of your children?
  • Physically hurt or threaten to hurt one of your pets?
  • Tell you he/she can’t live without you?
  • Keep you away from your family or friends?
  • Act jealous or possessive (accuse you of having affairs)?
  • Check up on you at work or follow you (cause problems at your job)?
  • Insist on you accounting for every minute of your time?
  • Insist on you accounting for every penny you spend?
  • Break things or throw things at you?
  • Restrain you or hold you down?
  • Ever tell you that you will never leave him/her?
  • Act like his/her hurting you is your fault?
  • Force you to have sex?
  • Ever threaten to hurt himself/herself?
  • Ever threaten you with a weapon?*
  • Ever threaten to kill you?*
  • Ever talk about how or when he/she would kill you?*

*Answering “yes” to ANY of these questions indicates that you are at high risk and in danger of serious injury or death. Click here now or call our 24-hour Crisis Hotline at 901-800-6064.


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