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Children Exposed to Violence

Breaking the cycle of violence.

One in four women and one in seven men in our community will be the victim of domestic violence in their lifetime. National research indicates that children are present for roughly half of these reported incidents. In as many as 80% of these cases, children are directly present to see and hear the abuse. When exposed to family violence, ⅓ of these children will grow up to become an abuser and another ⅓ will grow up to become a victim. Often victims of domestic violence believe that staying for the children is best, but this research demonstrates that exposure to violence can cause lifelong trauma and harm.



Because domestic violence is a cycle that passes on to the next generation if not broken, it is crucial to teach children that abuse is not okay and address exposure to trauma before it is too late. 

Camp HOPE serves children ages 6 -12 with parents or guardians who have received domestic violence relief services from FSC.  Based on a national evidence-based Camp HOPE America program, Camp HOPE in Memphis aims to break the cycle of family violence by teaching and empowering children impacted by such abuse to develop healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and make decisions to promote their physical and emotional health.

The Camp HOPE program is focused on helping children and teens find a pathway to HOPE through fellowship, support, and coping skills. When children have increased hope and resiliency, they are better equipped to cope with negative situations, they have stronger problem-solving skills and develop more life goals.

Camp HOPE provides a camp experience and monthly reunions for family support. Camp HOPE returns to an in-person day camp in July 2022;  all activities have been virtual or outdoors during COVID.