What to Expect at the Family Safety Center.

FSC and Speak Out Sunday.

If you are filing for an order of protection or have already filed, this video will help you prepare for your court appearance.

Our center navigators are the first point of contact for domestic violence victims in Memphis and Shelby County. The navigators are specially trained to listen to the victims’ stories and assess both their immediate and long-term needs in order to guide them to the appropriate services available to help them. The navigators set up appointments with the service partners based on the victims’ needs and remain in contact with them throughout the process, ensuring they are finding their way and the help needed.

Health and Social Services

  • Safety planning
  • Referral to safe, confidential emergency shelter
  • Referral to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers
  • Counseling for victims of domestic violence and children witnesses of domestic violence

Civil and Criminal Services

  • Assistance with orders of protection
  • Civil legal services, advice and court advocacy
  • Consultation with District Attorney staff
  • Assistance with law enforcement reports
  • Support in prosecution of domestic violence offender

Spiritual Support and Chaplain Services

  • Referral to faith-based organizations for counseling and spiritual support
  • Translation services
  • Immigration-sensitive victim services