FSC is Hiring: CREA Program Manager

Job Title: CREA Program Manager

Status: Permanent Full-Time
FLSA: Exempt
Hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. Monday –Friday
Flexibility required as needed for after-hours services


The Family Safety Center of Memphis and Shelby County, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Memphis, TN, whose purpose is to effectively combine civil, criminal, health and social services in order to help victims of family violence. We are seeking a CREA Program Manager who is highly motivated and organized to be part of a team of organizations and partners that are involved in the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) program. This position requires teamwork and flexibility within the work environment to meet client needs. This position will report to the Director of Program Operations and will be an integral part of the growth of the organization. This is a grant funded position.

Background: CREA is a comprehensive effort created and currently funded solely by the Plough Foundation to address elder abuse in Shelby County by aligning and streamlining the services offered by the public and nonprofit sector to older adults. CREA coordinates communication and the provision of services between frontline crisis centers in the community, including law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, Shelby County Crime Victims Center, and others, in order to provide a continuum of responsive care for elderly victims of abuse.
The Vulnerable adult Protective Investigative Team (VAPIT) was enacted into law in 2016 by the State of Tennessee General Assembly for the purpose of (1) coordinating the investigation of suspected instances of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult; and (2) receiving and reviewing information generated by the multidisciplinary adult protective services evaluation teams as established by law.
Job Summary: Responsible for providing strategic leadership to CREA and VAPIT, to be coordinated and directed by the Shelby County Assistant District Attorney (DA), with additional support and direction to be provided by the newly formed CREA/VAPIT Advisory Council. Collaborates closely with the Assistant DA to formulate strategic vision, conducts due diligence and analysis, and proactively develops, implements and evaluates strategies that reflect the mission and goals of CREA and VAPIT. Works closely with nonprofit organizations and government officials to ensure the protection of elder citizens and vulnerable adults.

• Provide direction and coordination to the CREA partner organizations and their proposed functions as CREA team members;
• Ensure that timely, coordinated and efficient victim-centered services are provided by CREA and VAPIT;
• Coordinate, schedule and administer the VAPIT team meetings;
• Coordinate, schedule, administer, and facilitate the bi-monthly CREA team meetings;
• Meet regularly with CREA Elder Care Coordinators and Intake Coordinator to discuss case progress and strategies necessary to improve care delivery and coordination;
• Write or assist with writing team proposals for funding including grants;
• Coordinate and execute training for CREA/VAPIT partner agencies;
• Increase the public’s knowledge and awareness of CREA and VAPIT;
• Ensure the collection and timely dissemination of accurate data associated with various aspects of VAPIT and CREA;
• Write the necessary protocols and procedures;
• Serve as VAPIT and CREA liaison with community agencies and coordinate efforts to develop additional resources;
• Provide administrative support to CREA/VAPIT Advisory Council;
• Monitor CREA CoActionNet database including searching, querying, and reporting information and teach others on the team about the use of the database;
• Provide orientation for new team members;
• Prepare VAPIT annual report.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and Abilities
• Demonstrated leader accomplished in developing and applying innovative best practices and providing detailed oversight to a multi-faceted range of work.
• Ability to structure and process quantitative and qualitative data and leverage in decision making.
• Knowledge of the practices, principles and dynamics of adult protection case management.
• Knowledge of the laws and services/programs relating to senior services.
• Ability to communicate with a wide range of clients and families from different cultural backgrounds.
• Knowledge and familiarity with a broad range of community-based organizations and related issue areas.
• Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrated computer experience with word processing or varied software required.

Education and Experience
• Minimum Bachelor’s degree in social services, nonprofit management or similar discipline from an accredited program; Master’s degree preferred.
• Five years relevant experience in a position with significant decision-making responsibility in a nonprofit, government or philanthropic organization.
• Experience in conflict resolution, negotiation, project management, and multidisciplinary investigations preferred.

Family Safety Center Mission
Our mission is to provide one location that effectively combines civil, criminal, health and social services for victims of family violence.

Family Safety Center Vision
Our vision is a thriving community that embodies a spirit of compassion, collaboration and progressive change that values mutual respect, safety and serenity for all residents.

Family Safety Center Values
Honesty, Openness and Accountability Flexibility
Quality Collaborative Inclusive Teamwork
Dignity, Respect, and Fairness Persistence, Resilience and Dedication
Diversity and Equality Hope, Healing, Safety and Justice

Interested applicants: Send cover letter and resume with salary history to: hr@familysafetycenter.org
Application deadline: April 10, 2017

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